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The via-nova-chor München was founded in 1972 by Kurt Suttner who left his unmistakable mark in his 35 years of conducting the choir. From 2008 to 2016 Florian Helgath was director of the choir. In April 2017 Kerstin Behnke succeeded him as new musical director. The choir, consisting of roughly 45 singers, is particularly dedicated to the performance of contemporary music without, however, neglecting the vast classical tradition. It offers present-day composers a platform for composition and performance of new choral works. More than 80 premieres impressively give proof of this.

A number of concert tours has taken the choir all over the world to places such as Italy, Spain, Ireland, Norway, Hungary, Taiwan and South Korea. It has also won several first prizes in a number of internationally acclaimed choir contests such as: Den Haag (1977), Cork (1985/87), Budapest (1991), Tolosa (1994/2009) and Debrecen (2014). On a national level the chorus won first prizes at the Bavarian Choir Competition (1993/2009/2017) and at the German Choir Competition in Dortmund (2010) and Freiburg (2018), as well as receiving a special award in the performance of contemporary choral music at the German Choir Competition in Fulda (1994) and in Dortmund (2010). The chorus was a Grand Prix finalist at the international choir contest in Maribor, Slovenia in 2011 and in Debrecen, Hungary in 2014. In Debrecen it was awarded the Folklore Diploma. Also the via-nova-chor took part as finalist at "Let the peoples sing", the Euroradio Choral Competition of the European Broadcast Union EBU which was placed in Barcelona, Spain.

The via-nova-chor had the pleasure and honor to work with Eric Ericson on several occasions and this way gained invaluable insights into the interpretation of contemporary choral music. The choir regularly works together with acclaimed guest conductors and renowned orchestras such as the Munich Radio Orchestra.

In addition to numerous radio broadcasts by the BR (Bavarian Radio), the choir has made several CD recordings. Its latest CDs were released in 2012 with the title VIA NOVA CHOR - Contemporary Choral Music and in February 2018 BUJI-JA – BIJ-JU which includes the first releases from 2009-2016 .

The via-nova-chor Munich is a member of the following groups and associations:

Bayerischer Sängerbund
International Federation for Choral Music (IFCM)